Protect Your Valuables! What is Your Safe’s Protection Level?

Safes have been used for hundreds of years to protect valuables of all types. Today, most businesses and private residences depend on safes to protect their valuables.
Buying a safe may seem confusing at first, but understanding what levels of protection are available is the first step in finding what safe is right for you.
There are two general categories of safes: burglary safes and fire safes. Our product line offers a wide selection of burglary, fire or burglary fire safes with different levels of protection to choose from.

The rating or classification of a safe indicates the degree of protection that safe will provide its contents in the case attempted burglary or fire. Safes are classified using two different methods: Construction Ratings and Test Performance Ratings. Construction classification relates to burglar protection and is determined by the material specifications of the safe. To receive a performance rating, the safe must both be built to a construction specification and be independently tested by attempted break-in or fire to make sure it meets the standard.
The best known independent burglary and fire testing agency is United Laboratories (UL). Intertek-ETL is also recognized as a highly reputable company that performs independent testing for fire resistance.

Before buying a safe, research the products construction and performance standards and make sure that the safe you’re purchasing will adequately protect your possessions.

Burglary Ratings

The burglary safe Construction Ratings were established by the insurance industry to develop a standard that will indicate the degree of protection a safe will provide against an attempted burglary attack. The most common construction ratings range from B-Rate to C-Rate.
The best burglary safe Test Performance Ratings were established by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Underwriters Laboratories was founded in 1894 and is chartered as a not-for-profit independent testing organization. U.L. has been testing products and writing standards for safety for more than a century. The most common Test Performance Ratings range from the U.L. RSC burglary rating to the U.L. TL-15, TL-30 and TL30x6 high security ratings.

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